person doing handcrafts
person doing handcrafts

Welcome to Fidgety-Digits!

Browse my online stores to discover a range of handcrafted items including classic curated and handmade fidgets that bring joy to your daily life.

And let's not forget... Original artwork and merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, tumblers, stickers, and more!

person in black long sleeve shirt holding red round ornament
person in black long sleeve shirt holding red round ornament

I offer a wide range of fidgets, both handmade and classic, to suit everyone's preferences. Both stores feature a variety of items, including classic and handmade fidgets, crocheted goods, wearables, and adorable amigurumi creations. Lately, I've been enthusiastically exploring plastic canvas, cross stitch, embroidery, macrame, and textiles in my creative journey.

Handmade Items & Classic Fidgets

My designs can make your items look fantastic! Visit my Redbubble site to see the different styles available on items like t-shirts, water bottles, tumblers, stickers, and more


Love these! So useful and nice to have. :)

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Spot something you love on Etsy or have a special idea in mind for yourself, a friend, or a family member? Reach out to me right from this page! Simply email me directly, or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

About Us

Welcome to my creative world! I love making things that bring happiness, whether it's fidget toys or art. I offer both handmade fidgets and classic ones, so there's something for everyone. I believe in the magic of handmade items that not only feel and look great but also make you happy. Explore my stuff to find the perfect mix of art, creativity, and the fun of fidgeting – all made with love to spread joy.

All proceeds related to these sites go to keeping my supplies stocked and stored, my website afloat, and my stores open. So I can bring fidgets and fidgeted items to you!

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